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“A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food"

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Welcome to Gayle's Perks Cafe

Welcome to the gang! We are thrilled to have someone with such impeccable taste amongst us (well, duh! ...

To show our happiness at having you here, we are offering you a (50%) discount. Enjoy & spread the love!


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Most Popular Items

Special Mexican Pie 50% Dis
Special Morning Coffee 50% Dis
Special Chicken Sandwitch 50% Dis
Special Choco with Coffee 50% Dis
Coffee+ Chochlate Pie 50% Dis
Fruit Jam Sandwitch 50% Dis
Special Furity Honey 50% Dis
Special Veg Sandwitch 50% Dis
Special shrimps 50% Dis
Tamato Cheese 50% Dis
Special Cube Steaks 50% Dis
Juicy Bull Steak 50% Dis
Special Chinese Seafood 50% Dis
Chicken Burger 50% Dis
Pie Perk Burger 50% Dis
Chicken Steam Steak 50% Dis
Special Perk Burger 50% Dis
Beef & Seafood Steak 50% Dis
Happy Weekend Plater 50% Dis
Special Arabic Platter 50% Dis
Perk's Tamato Sausage 50% Dis
Special Protien Plater 50% Dis
Special Perk Broast 50% Dis
Special Tokyo's Bite 50% Dis

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